Dabwoods Disposable Full Gram Vape – Pineapple Kush

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Dabwoods Disposable Full Gram Vape – Pineapple Kush

Dabwoods Disposable Full Gram Vape – Pineapple

Dabwoods Disposable Pineapple. If you’re examining for a delicious, juicy, and all-around fantastic pineapple flavor, then you need to try Dabwoods’ Pineapple vape cartridge. This cartridge provides an incredibly potent and flavorful hit that will leave you feeling satisfied and wanting more. The Pineapple flavor is also perfectly blended with Dabwoods’ signature smooth and creamy base, making for a truly unique and unforgettable vaping experience.   

Could you not accept our word for it, though? 

Check out some of these reviews from real Dabwoods customers: “This Pineapple cartridge is the real deal! The flavor is spot-on, and the potency is through the roof. I can’t get enough of it!” “This is my new favorite cartridge. The pineapple flavor is so intense and delicious, and the high is unbelievable. I’m hooked!” “I wasn’t sure what to expect with this cartridge, but it blew me away. I’ll be buying more!” If you’re looking for a delicious, potent, and all-around fantastic pineapple vape cartridge, you must try Pineapple.

About this strain: Pineapple Kush

Pineapple Kush is reportedly a cross of Pineapple and Master Kush. Boasting a flavorful taste of pineapple dankness, Pineapple Kush is an indica-leaning hybrid that is said to create mellow and relaxing effects that can sometimes translate into couch-lock for some users.

1 review for Dabwoods Disposable Full Gram Vape – Pineapple Kush

  1. Jay c

    good for when you just want to relax and enjoy a movie.

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